Safety Policy

The safety of employees is top priority of our company.  This is the reason for our commitment to in-depth screening and quality placement of job candidates.  However,    if an accident does happen at the worksite there are standard procedures that must be followed to insure prompt medical attention for our employee and follow up by Aliyah Personnel.

In an emergency, obtain immediate help for the employee. A “panel of physicians” doctor can be contacted later.

In the case of an accident in which no serious injury is involved the following steps should be followed.

  • The employee reports the accident to the immediate supervisor.
  • The supervisor can evaluate the incident to determine if an Aliyah Personnel representative should report to the site of the accident.
  • If medical treatment is required for the employee, the employee or the supervisor may contact the Aliyah Personnel office at 629-2993 anytime between the hours of 8:00am -5:00pm. Contact numbers will be provided for supervisors at all client sites for incidents that occur after 5:00pm.
  • A Panel of Physicians is available for doctor selections in the event of an injury to an Aliyah Personnel associate. An Aliyah Personnel representative will make the actual doctor’s appointment for the associate. A client representative will be responsible for all follow up regarding accident investigations and workers compensation records.
  • Enclosed is an incident report for completion by the supervisor, as well as an additional space for employee statements.  Also a list of physicians is included for use.
  • A certificate of insurance will be issued upon receiving job placement requests for verification of worker’s compensation coverage for Aliyah Personnel associates.

In case of an after hours emergency, Aliyah Personnel employees should be sent to the Gordon Hospital emergency room.

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