Accident Procedures

Workplace Accident Procedures

At Aliyah Personnel, we maintain worker’s compensation insurance as mandated by state and federal laws, and we actively participate in the rehabilitation of our injured workers.

Injury Reporting and Requirements:

  • If injured at work, the injury/accident must be reported immediately to the supervisor no matter how minor it may be.
  • In the event of an injury, cooperation is expected in the completion of the First Report of  Injury paperwork.
  • An Aliyah Personnel representative will be responsible for the initial doctor appointment, etc.
  • If an injury occurs on the job, Aliyah Personnel employees the option of refusing doctor treatment or choosing a Panel of Physicians doctor for treatment of a
  • Employees not authorized to go to a family doctor or any outside physician choice for work related injuries. Worker’s Compensation insurance medical benefits may be denied for these costs.
  • Drug and Alcohol testing is required for all work-related injuries/accidents.
  • Worker’s Compensation prescription medications must be filled at the drug store specified by Aliyah Personnel.
  • A “Return to Work” note from the participating doctor is required for any employee to be permitted to return to work after an accident/injury.
  • It is required to go to all follow-up medical appointments.
  • Employees who “no call/no show” for medical appointments may be disciplined which may include termination.

Work Comp Rehabilitation Policy

Aliyah Personnel is committed to the recovery of workers who are injured on the job. Many studies have shown that providing light or modified duty is the quickest route to the rehabilitation of injured workers. Job duties that progress, as the employee improves, aid in shortening the recovery period. Aliyah Personnel provides a light/modified duty program for all of our workers. Anyone hurt on the job will be assigned to a task that is able to be performed within the restrictions that the treating physician specifies.

Fraudulent Claims

When an Aliyah Personnel employee is injured, we make certain that person is cared for and rehabilitated.  However,  if any element of fraud is suspected surrounding any submitted claim we will aggressively use all lawful means to ensure prosecution.