Staffing Solutions

Why invest training and money in an employee to have them leave you quickly?

Working with Aliyah Personnel allows you to see an employee in action before making the commitment to put them on your company payroll.

Why should a company consider using Aliyah Personnel to handle staffing needs?

  • To handle employee personal leave/vacation time
  • Sudden loss of key personnel
  • Relieves permanent staff of excessive overtime
  • Help meet production/manufacturing goals
  • Relieve “headache” of searching for employees (both skilled and entry level)
  • Testing is available for both clerical/ administrative and production associates

Why pay advertising costs for open positions?

Aliyah Personnel has job candidates ready for assignment that are work eligible in the United States, have completed pre-employment drug screens, background checks, and reference checks.

  • Why risk unemployment claims for personnel that may not be needed long-term?

When an associate completes a job assignment, Aliyah Personnel has other job positions available at a variety of client sites.

  • Occasionally, our company has the need for “on-call” staffing. Can Aliyah Personnel provide us with these associates as well?
    Aliyah Personnel has a ready to work pool of on-call associates available. This is a great advantage for our manufacturing customers that would otherwise experience a production shortage without the proper number of employees.
  • Does Aliyah Personnel train their associates?
    Aliyah Personnel associates will have exposure to safety training and review of company-specific rules. Additional job-specific training classes are available to meet our client’s specific needs.
  • Why risk worker’s comp claims on an employee that has only been on your payroll for a few days?

Most workers comp claims happen during the first 60 days of employment.

Aliyah Personnel carries Worker’s Compensation on all associates.

Aliyah Personnel is an owner-operated company that takes your needs seriously. Our services are tailored to meet the specific staffing needs of each Client. The Aliyah Personnel recruiting staff  has true experience in the staffing industry and can successfully guide you in all aspects of the staffing process.

We provide your company with quality staffing in…

  • Clerical, Administrative, and Light Industrial positions.

In working with our clients, Aliyah Personnel will absorb all employer-related costs:

  • Local, state, and federal payroll taxes
  • Employer portion of Social Security taxes
  • State and Federal unemployment tax
  • Employee benefits
  • Administrative handling of employee records
  • Recruiting costs of advertising and applicant screening
  • Drug screening
  • Background checks
  • Worker’s Compensation

Aliyah Personnel:
Calhoun: 706-629-2993 | Rome: 406-236-2521