Employee References

Our Employees are placed in quality jobs suited to their skills and preferences. We always treat our employees with the respect they deserve.

Below are actual letters from Aliyah Personnel employees.

When I applied at Aliyah Personnel, I was greeted by friendly staff that was eager to help me find a job. They took the time to sit and ask the right questions that the other services I visited did not ask. Within one week, I had a job at the pay rate I needed and that fit my skills.

M.H. • Aliyah employee

Aliyah Personnel, Inc. has been wonderful to me. I had been out of work for the summer and was ready to re-enter the job force. I searched through classifieds in the newspaper and several online job search engines to no avail. Finally, I saw an ad with a familiar face. Barbie had helped place me in my first office job years ago. The next day I was in the office filling out an application and within a week I was going to work. That was the first week of August and I am happy to say I am still with that same company and loving it! – Thank you, Barbie and Julie for such a wonderful experience!

S.W. • Aliyah employee

I spent one year going to several temporary agencies trying to get a permanent job. Not just a job, but a job that I would be happy going to every day. I was sent on several temporary jobs that never panned out and even one that I still haven’t been paid for. The agencies that I went through were big name, supposedly high paying jobs, and none of them treated me as well as the staff at Aliyah Personnel did.

When I came to Aliyah, I was very depressed about my job situation. I honestly didn’t think that anything would come out of my interview, judging from my past experience. However, within a week, Aliyah sent me on two interviews, and I had my choice of employment. I am with a very good Christian company that knows how to treat their employees. We had a great Christmas and I even received a bonus! I have also referred two friends to Aliyah. I wish them continued success in the future.

C.M. • Aliyah employee

Aliyah Personnel has really blessed me with an outstanding job that I can be proud of. Not only does it have excellent pay, but it is something that I can call a career. I know that I would have not found my job without the help of Barbie and Julie at Aliyah Personnel! – Thanks for Everything!

J.O. • Aliyah employee

I was searching for a job and was referred to Aliyah Personnel by one of their current employees. I went in to drop off my resume and was greeted by all the ladies in the office. I sat down and went over what I was looking for. my work history and was told that they would start working on me something immediately. The very next day, I was sent on an interview. They told me that if I wasn’t happy with the interview that they would keep looking for me until they found the right fit. The interview went perfect.  It wasn’t an hour later that they called and offered me the position. I worked for 90 days with Aliyah Personnel and now I am a full time employee.

A.B. • Aliyah employee