Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about employment with Aliyah Personnel.

What are the benefits of working for Aliyah Personnel?

  • Potential for almost immediate employment
  • Excellent way to explore the job market
  • Opportunity to gain work experience
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Easy entry back into the work force
  • Great way to get training for new job skills
  • Help with resumes, interviewing skills, etc.
  • Aliyah Personnel has job opportunities for just about everyone.

What type of experience is necessary in order to become an employee of Aliyah Personnel?

  • Although experience is often helpful, it is not always needed to find employment in the job market. Aliyah Personnel can aid both, experienced or entry level associates, in finding the job that is right for them.  We provide job orientation, safety training, and often on-the-job training at many companies in  the North Georgia area.

I am only interested in fulltime work. What can Aliyah Personnel do for me?

  • The majority of assignments that we get will lead to fulltime job positions. We are always honest about our available job openings. If a job is temporary, the applicant is told that the position is short term.

What happens if I don’t want the job that is offered to me?

  • Nothing! We will continue to offer you jobs as they become available. You are never obligated to take any job.

If I accept an assignment, work for a few days and discover that I don’t like the job what will happen?

  • We realize that not every job is for everybody. If you try a job and discover that it is not for you, we simply ask that you finish the shift and call our office to let us know. We will find you a different job and fill the old position with someone else. We never want to lose a good person because we have placed them on the wrong job.

Why should I choose Aliyah Personnel when I am seeking employment?

  • It is our goal to work with each applicant to find a job that suits their needs. Applicants are under no obligation to accept job assignments and there are never any fees to the applicant for our services.